The Seattle Radio Market
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The Seattle Radio Market

Seattle is the 13th largest US radio market out of 300 markets

Top 4th Worst Congested Traffic in the Nation = People Trapped in Cars with RADIO

Largest growth industries in Seattle seattle background

Home Improvement, Auto Parts/Service, Education, Heating and Ventilation, Discount Stores, Professional Services, Beverages, Transportation, Theatre and Movies, Computers, Office Equipment, Political Campaigns, Oil and Gas.


Who listens to Radio in the Seattle–Tacoma area?

Almost everyone

93.4% listen to Radio 6am to midnight in the Seattle-Tacoma metro

Listeners by County

90.5% in Island County

93.7% in King County

91.1% in Kitsap County

93.8% in Pierce County

94.6% in Snohomish County

90.2% in Thurston County

Find out who lives in each county, what they do and how they live. Radio will reach them.

Source: Scarborough R2 2011 Aug 10 - July 11 Seattle-Tacoma Met 


Local Ad Revenue
Source - Miller Kaplan


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