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Why Talk Radio Advertising Works Every Time

1-on-1 relationship between the talk show hosts & their fans

Referrals are the best leads on the planet. Talk Radio is just another form of referral, but you're being referred to a loyal group of hundreds of thousands, instead of just one person.


Talk Radio fans can't escape the information you are giving them & the information that they crave….Talk Radio goes wherever the consumer goes…everywhere!!!

Talk Radio fans can be driving, working, going to bed, waking up…great Talk Radio ads blend right into the news or sports content feeling like they are part of the program. Listeners/fans take this information & use it to make contact with our advertising partners when they have a need for your products or services.


Talk Radio advertising just works better than any other choice because our traffic is 4th worst in the US

In our Seattle-Tacoma-Everett-Eastside market people are stuck in their cars listening to your ads.


People who Stay Tuned in when your commercials air


Their brain is engaged when listening to Talk Radio, resulting in Better Message Retention


Content that cannot be duplicated elsewhere, resulting in Unmatched Loyalty


Why do local businesses turn to KIRO News Talk Radio for their Word-of-Mouth Referral Based Advertising Needs?

How KIRO continues to Provide Quality Results for Local Businesses


The Maddening Allure of KIRO Radio

Why do people consistently choose to listen to KIRO?
The radio station makes a sport of flouting pieties.
So why can't we tune out?

Read the full local news story by SEATTLE WEEKLY


Radio is the Top Reach Medium

When People Hear Radio Ads - They Take Action - Online & Offline


Samples of our Talk Radio Advertising commercials

We don't write ads to win awards...we write to get results
Our definition of results is "Money in Your Bank Account"



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Talk Radio beats Music Radio everytime...


When do Music Radio listeners normally change from one station to another station?
When your Music radio commercials come on!
When do Talk Radio listeners normally change from one station to another station?
Talk listeners normally don't change...It's exclusive content! They want to hear what's coming up next & can't get the same content anywhere else.
How much does Talk Radio advertising cost in Seattle?
Less than you might think

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When created the correct way, your Seattle radio advertising will blend in with the talk format & produce better results than any other form of media on the planet!


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